Orlando Homeowner Uses Video Surveillance to Nab Thief

With valuable items mysteriously disappearing from her house over the course of months, an Orlando, Florida woman decided to get to the
bottom of things by installing home video surveillance cameras.
Last week, the tactics paid off, catching a repeat thief red handed.

In mid-October, the homeowner contacted police to report a
digital video camera and approximately $500 in cash were missing from her home.
With no leads, and no real proof that anything was even stolen, there was
little police could do to help.

Taking matters into her own hands, the woman installed a
pair of video surveillance cameras in her home. Within days, footage from the
cameras showed her trusted handyman making his way to her safe and extracting
valuables including cash and jewelry.

The homeowner turned the footage over to police who arranged
to be on-site and watch a live feed from the security cameras the next time the
handyman stopped by. During that visit, he again made his way to the safe, this
time stealing $100 in cash.

The unscrupulous handyman was immediately taken into custody
and is currently charged with multiple counts including burglary of an occupied
dwelling, grand theft and dealing in stolen property.

The homeowner estimates he stole nearly $70,000 in cash,
jewelry and other valuables over time.

Home surveillance cameras are increasingly common in homes
throughout Florida. When visible, exterior cameras can serve as deterrent to
prevent burglars from even attempting a break in. If they do break in, security
cameras can capture footage used to identify and prosecute them. Many home
security camera systems can even be monitored remotely via internet or
smartphone app.

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