As smart home technology becomes increasingly prevalent, homeowners are turning to Crime Prevention Security Systems’ Video Doorbell to enhance security, convenience, and peace of mind.

Introducing the CPSS Video Doorbell. This doorbell offers crystal clear 2MP picture and an expansive 165° horizontal and 145° vertical Field of View so you can see and do more at the front door.

With powerful People Detection and crisp Two-Way Audio you can enjoy increased awareness and easily communicate with visitors.

Studies have shown that visible security cameras, such as a Video Doorbell, significantly reduce the likelihood of home burglaries. This device acts as a deterrent, dissuading criminals from targeting your home. The mere presence of this video doorbell can significantly boost your peace of mind.

Here are a few features of the video doorbell:

  • Expansive 165° horizontal and 145° vertical Field of View ensures customers get a full picture of what’s happening at their front door
  • Video Analytics with rapid People Detection for faster, more relevant alerts and fewer false notifications
  • Full HD resolution, High Dynamic Range (HDR), and infrared night vision
  • 2MP live video and saved clip viewing via the app and website
  • Two-Way Audio

The CPSS Video Doorbell is a terrific addition to your Home Security System and can work along with the other features on your CPSS Security app, including a smart lock.

If you need additional cameras around your home or office, contact us for a free security survey and show us the areas you’d like to have covered by our cameras.  We also have intelligent cameras with proactive monitoring options.

Contact us today at 800-949-1799 to learn more!

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