Light & Dim Any Room in the House with your Smartphone

Smart lighting is one of the most desirable aspects of the smart home.  You can light and dim any room in the house just by using your smartphone to create the perfect ambience.

Choose the Right Connected Lighting

It’s cool to control lights through an app, but in the long-run you’ll want lights that do the work for you. Whether you’re choosing something for a gift or for your own home, look for lights that go beyond simple remote control to keep your home more secure and efficient.

Connected lighting comes in several options including smart bulbs, smart plugs and smart switches.

Smart Bulbs

This device screws into an existing lamp like a traditional bulb and it’s ready to be connected to your system.

Smart Plugs

This device plugs into a wall socket; you plug your lamp (or any other device, such as a radio) into it. They can be remotely controlled and also automated to turn your lamp on and off.

Smart Switches

These are very similar to smart plugs, but installed into your wall in place of your old light switch. These can provide the best experience both aesthetically and functionally.

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