New Programmable Thermostat can Save You Money

Smart Thermostat Solutions

CPSS is proud to offer a new type of smart thermostat solution. It detects and responds to common home maintenance problems before they cascade into big-ticket home repairs or system failures—and that’s in addition to some very advanced energy-saving and precision comfort capabilities.  Smart thermostats can help prevent high electricity rates, with the use of schedules.

How Common are Smart Thermostats?

A faulty HVAC system or furnace is the most common emergency home repair, typically happening when you need it most and when technicians are at their busiest. Smart thermostats have become more and more common in households over the years, and with our Crime Prevention app and the functionality, it’s never been easier to control.

The Benefits of an Smart Thermostat is the industry leader in developing smart security solutions.  With their smart thermostats, the machine learning technology proactively monitors your HVAC system, alerting you early to trouble conditions so you can avoid cascading equipment failures, a freezing home, or costly off-hour emergency repairs.


The CPSS Smart Thermostat works with almost any heating and cooling system, including up to three stages of heat and
two stages of cooling, zoned systems, heat pumps, dual fuel systems, humidifiers,
dehumidifiers, and vents.



Energy Savings

With whole-home intelligence from the security system, our thermostat understands what’s going on, and can spot more opportunities to save energy.  If you are paying too much for your electric bill, it may be time to get more information on how our solutions can help.

It can set back to save energy based on your system’s arming status, your geo-location, and even when it detects an open window or door.  These features can help create a real energy savings.

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