Here are some steps to help troubleshoot your system.

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My Keypad is Beeping

Your system has a trouble condition. Acknowledge the trouble and read what your system indicates on the keypad.

  • Concord: Press star/status. It will display trouble condition.
  • Simon: Press status. It will display / tell you trouble condition.
  • Vista: If “CHECK” is displayed, press any key. It will display trouble condition.
  • IQ Panel 2: Tap on the message icon at the top right of the screen, then click “Messages/Alerts/Alarms”.  Once you’ve done this the keypad will display the list of current troubles.  At the top will be an option to Acknowledge All.  Select that then press OK.

For more information on silencing a beeping keypad for other panels, please click on “Silencing Trouble Beeps” to download helpful step-by-step instructions.


My system is showing “LOW BATTERY”

  • If you have had AC Power continuously and your panel indicates a low battery or low panel battery, then the battery needs to be replaced.
  • If you have recently lost power and do not currently have AC Power, your system is running off of the battery exclusively. Over time, the battery will drain and your panel may indicate a low battery.
  • If your AC Power has recently been restored,  your battery will begin recharging. It will usually take 24 hours or more to fully recharge. If the battery is still low after that time, it may need to be replaced.
  • The service department is open M-F to assist and sell additional batteries. Battery stores also sell security panel batteries.


How do I reset the time and date?


How do I test my system?

  • Call the 24-hour CPSS central monitoring center at 1-800-336-4825 and let them know you will be testing your system. Be prepared to provide them with your name, service address and password. (Your password is the secret word you provided on your original paperwork, that allows the monitoring center to identify you as the account holder.)
  • Close all doors and protected windows, arm your system and allow the delay time to expire.
  • Activate your alarm like an actual emergency by opening a protected door, pressing your panic or hold-up buttons, etc.
  • Allow your sirens (if an audible alarm) to sound for approximately one minute and then turn off your system.
  • Call the monitoring center and announce that you are calling to check test results. The central station operator will describe the signals received.
  • Ask the operator to take the system off test.


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