These are some of the questions we answer for customers most often, but if you have a question that isn’t addressed here, please feel free to call us at 1-800-949-1799. We have service technicians on call to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Where can I find the user manual and video tutorial for my SimonXT or Concord 4 system?

Click Here to watch the SimonXT User Video
Click Here to Download the SimonXT User Manual
Click Here to Download the SimonXT Quick User Guide.pdf

Click Here to watch the Concord4 User Video
Click Here to Download the Concord4 User Manual

Click Here to Download the Concord4 Quick User Guide.pdf

Click Here to Download the Qolsys IQ2 User Guide.pdf

Click Here to Download the DSC Neo User Guide.pdf

Click Here to Download the 2GIG Edge User Guide.pdf

Click Here to Download the 2GIG Edge Smart Home User Guide.pdf



I want to eliminate my telephone landline. Can my security system work without a landline?

Yes!  In fact, our cellular communication is better security, as your system is protected from a criminal just cutting your phone line to disrupt communication to our monitoring facility.  With our partnership with, you can enjoy interactive features including arming and disarming your system with your smartphone and much more!  You can even control your lights, locks, and themostats.

How do I test my security system?

It is important to test your system once a month, anytime phone work has been done on your system or one week prior to vacation. To put your system on test, just call our central monitoring station at 1-800-336-4825.

How do I update my emergency contacts?

You can update your emergency contacts by calling us at 1-800-336-4825. Please have your password available. Remember that Emergency Contacts are people you identify who will be contacted by our monitoring center in the event of an alarm or an emergency.

What is the difference between my keypad code and my password?

Your keypad code is the 4-digit code you use to arm and disarm your security system. Your password is the word or set of numbers you verbally tell the operator at our monitoring center to cancel a false alarm dispatch. Some customers choose to keep these as the same 4-digit code, while others prefer to have a different keypad code and password.

What is this permit notice I got in the mail?

In Alachua County, all alarm systems are required to be permitted with the City of Gainesville or Alachua County through the False Alarm Reduction Unit (FARU). When you originally sign on to monitor with Crime Prevention, we complete this paperwork for you and submit it to FARU. Every year thereafter, you are required to complete this form and submit it to FARU along with any applicable fees.

There is a problem with my system. What should I do?

The quick reference guide for your system will help you to troubleshoot, should there be a problem with your system. If you need further assistance, your user manual provides additional, more detailed information. If still need assistance, call customer service at 1-800-949-1799.

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