Lower Your Business' Energy Bills

With our Smart Thermostat, powered by Alarm.com, you can prevent energy waste, keep your team comfortable and alert you to problems that you might otherwise miss. Here are some ways you can save money:


1. Save Energy Automatically Every Day

Our thermostat has an energy-saving “Away” mode to turn your heating and cooling down when you don’t need them. It’s super easy to schedule. Based on the everyday activity at your business, you can enhance and adjust your schedule for maximum savings.  For example, at the end of the day when you lock up and turn on your alarm, the thermostat will automatically go into this “Away” mode.  The next day, when you unlock and disarm the system the thermostat will again automatically adjust to your preferred temperature.


2. Stay Informed of any Changes or Issues

With our easy-to-use mobile app, you can enjoy handheld control of your thermostats from work or home.  You can adjust the thermostat remotely, or alter your schedules using an easy slider on the app.  The thermostat can also warn you of any HVAC system issues, giving you time to act before a problem becomes a disaster.


3. Prevent Employee Tampering

You can set a minimum and maximum temperature for any thermostat in your business, allowing employees to adjust it but only within a given range.  You can also lock a thermostat entirely and control it solely with your app.


4. Protect your Inventory with Smart Temperature Sensors

We can install remote temperature sensors alongside your smart thermostats. These small devices let your thermostats read the temperature in important but out-of-the way areas like storerooms or display cases. Here’s how one business uses them to safeguard valuable inventory.

To learn more about how our Smart Thermostat can help your business, contact us at 800-949-1799, or email ID@cpss.net.


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