Pair of Home Invasions Result in Shootings in Gainesville and Orlando

Two home invasions that took place over the course of just
two days early this week stunned Gainesville and Orlando, Florida residents,
and forced local law enforcement to respond quickly to multiple 911 calls.

In the first incident, three people approached the door of a
man’s Gainesville apartment and then restrained him and dragged him outside
once he answered the door, according to an Alachua County Sheriff’s spokesman.

Witnesses say that the suspects pointed a handgun at him
from behind, and after shooting him once, entered the apartment. The man’s
girlfriend, who was in the apartment, resisted the intruders and the suspects soon

While nothing was reported stolen from the apartment, the
man was taken by ambulance to a local hospital and treated for non-life-threatening

The second incident took place in Orlando on Tuesday evening
when three armed men broke into a home and fired two shots at one resident as
he escaped through a window. The remaining resident was held at gunpoint while the
robbers searched his home and demanded money. Once they left, the victim chased
the suspects through the neighborhood.

The Orlando Police Department is now investigating the home

Home invasions are increasingly prevalent in Central and
North Florida. Especially in Orlando, a city with one of the highest property
crime rates in the country, a home security system
is an easy and reliable way to gain peace of mind and help keep your family

The ability to immediately notify police in the event of a
break in, is the best first line of defense your home can have.

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