Orlando Area Burglary Suspect Stabs Victim

Police responding to a call of a burglary at an Orlando area home Sunday night were startled to hear screams for help coming from the house next door. Officers rushed outside to find a man covered in blood running toward them yelling, “Help! Help! Please, he stabbed me!” Turns out that while police were investigating the burglary a home invasion was taking place less than 100 feet away.

The home invasion victim was relaxing in his living room when he heard suspicious sounds coming from his porch. When he went to check out the noise, he was attacked by an intruder with a knife. The criminal leapt from the shadows and pinned the homeowner under him. The victim was stabbed in the head and chest a total of seven times before he was able to escape outside.

The victim’s screams alerted the officers next door. They cornered the assailant in the home’s yard. He no longer had the knife and instead raised his fists and assumed a fighting stance while screaming at officers to shoot him. They eventually did – with a Taser, subduing the subject.

The victim was taken to a local hospital where he is listed in critical condition.

Home invasions are on the rise across the country and Orlando is a hotbed for violent and property crimes. Residents should always take appropriate measures to keep their houses secure even while they are home. Basic actions like keeping doors and windows locked at all times can make a big impact. Adding a monitored home security system is also a wise investment for your family’s protection.

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