Orlando Burglars Steal Guns in Multiple Thefts

Burglars in Orlando made away with multiple firearms last weekend following break-ins at Toy Soldier Sports at the Colonial Promenade and at the Southern Knife and Gun Show at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. Police are investigating both crimes, although they are not believed to be connected.

At Toy Soldier Sports, burglars punched a whole in an exterior wall to gain entrance to the business which bills itself as the, “largest Airsoft and tactical supply superstore in Central Florida.” Once inside, criminals helped themselves to a pair of Airsoft rifles and a pair of AirSoft pistols.

While AirSoft guns are non-lethal, only firing small pellets, many are designed to closely resemble real firearms. In this instance, one of the guns stolen is modeled after a semi-automatic AK-47 rifle. The resemblance to real weapons makes them popular with criminals who hope the look alone will intimidate victims into submission.

Thefts at the Southern Knife and Gun Show took place within the exhibition hall and in the parking lot, resulting in more than $10,000 in stolen guns, ammunition and other materials.

Inside, a man stole an AR-15 from a dealer’s booth while the vendor was busy with another customer. AR-15s are the most popular civilian semi-automatic rifle in the United States. They typically come with 30-round magazines and can fire up to 700 rounds per minute.

In the parking lot, thieves broke into vehicles containing the recent purchases of gun show attendees who returned inside to continue shopping. Crooks smashed out windows from cars and trucks and walked away with a substantial collection of firearms and ammunition.

Burglaries involving firearm thefts are not uncommon in Orlando. Guns are coveted among both home and business burglars due to their street value. Last year, more than 120 guns were stolen in Orlando. The largest single theft was a collection of 46 handguns and multiple rifles and shotguns taken from Al’s Army Navy. Statewide, nearly 13,000 firearms were reported lost or stolen in 2013.

The best way to keep these weapons from landing in the wrong hands is to secure them inside your home or business. A custom home security system or commercial security system can go a long way toward protecting your property. Loud alarm sirens are often enough to make burglars run the opposite direction, a monitored system gives police a chance to catch intruders in the act and security cameras provide excellent proof for prosecuting thieves.

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