How to Stay Safe in Your Neighborhood

Keeping your home and family safe in your neighborhood
doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s just a matter of adopting good safety
habits, and making sure everyone in your home knows what to do in the event of
an emergency.

Extending safety to the rest of your community doesn’t have
to be difficult either. Use these tips in your neighborhood to help make sure
your children have a safe community to play in.

1. Get to know your
Great neighbors are known for helping each other out and
they likely want the community to be just as safe as you do. They can be one of your best resources when it comes to home security. Get know the people
who live around you, and identify those you can trust – work with them to keep
an eye out in the neighborhood, and look out for one another.

2. Choose a safe
house to go to.
In the event of an emergency, your children might not be
able to make it all the way home for safety. This is when you want them to have
other safe locations in your neighborhood. Choose a neighbor’s house they can
run to and be safe, if for some reason they can’t go home. Offer your own house
as a safe house for neighbor’s children

3. Keep all doors and
windows locked.
Get in the habit of keeping all of your doors and windows
locked, but make sure you encourage others in the neighborhood to do so as
well. To help keep burglars out of your neighborhood, it isn’t necessarily
enough when only your home is secure. Remind others to tighten up their home
security; burglars will likely be discouraged from your neighborhood all
together if there aren’t any easy targets.

4. Remove all
valuables from your car.
Other easy targets can include any valuable items left in
your car. Removing these from your vehicle will remove the temptation for
thieves to break in your car, and to break in your home – if you have valuables
in your car, burglars can just imagine what treasures are hiding in your house.

5. Purchase a
professionally installed alarm system.
A trusted home security system is one of the best lines of defense your home can
have. Encouraging your neighbors to get one as well will only make your
community safer. Imagine a neighborhood with every home monitored by an alarm
company – no matter where there is an attempted break-in, the authorities will
be alerted, and that threat will be removed.

For other home security tips, or to learn what Crime
Prevention Security Systems can do for your family and neighbors, give us a call.

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