Home Alarm System Companies – 4 Things to Look for

The great thing about today’s consumer landscape is choices.
Whether you’re shopping for breakfast cereal, living room furniture or even a home security system, there
are several brands and options to choose from. Of course, most people know more
about cereal and couches than they do about residential security, so shopping
for the latter can be a little intimidating.

If you’re in the market for a new home alarm system, here
are four things to consider:

Local Service
Security companies with a strong local presence have the
ability to act quickly when you need them most. National brands don’t always
have the same commitment to the local community. Look for a security company
with local offices. Crime Prevention Security Systems has offices in Orlando and Gainesville, Florida, so we can promptly handle consultations, service calls or any
other customer needs.

From entry sensors and control panels to motion detectors and
video surveillance,
you have several options. The right home security provider will have all the
latest technology and take time to explain the pros and cons of each. Crime
Prevention Security Systems offers state-of-the-art home security solutions
including home automation, allowing you to control your home’s lights, door locks, alarm
system and more from your smartphone.

When it comes to reputation, customer feedback is more
important than brand familiarity. Recently, several big name cable companies,
including Bright House Networks in Orlando, began offering home security
services. In a recent survey, however, consumers rated
pay TV companies as six of the seven worst brands in the U.S. Crime
Prevention Security Systems customers and peers, on the other hand, frequently
give us the highest marks as reflected in these online reviews and security industry awards.

There’s no getting around it, price plays a role in your
decision. Just don’t rank it above all the other factors combined. Once you’re
comfortable with a company’s service, technology and reputation, then talk to a
consultant to find the best package to fit both your security needs and your

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