How to Keep Your Kids Safe at School

After a long, hot and adventurous summer, back to school
season is often a welcomed and exciting time for parents and kids alike. But
before you send your children off to learn and play, it’s important they know
how to be safe at home and school.

Here are some tips to help you worry less about your child’s
safety during the school day.

Getting to School Safely
Once your child is in the classroom, he’s generally in a
safe and supervised environment, but the trip to and from school can pose the greatest
risk to safety. If your child walks to school, make sure he uses a well-lit
path and always walks with a buddy or a group. The more he can be seen, the
better – and there really is safety in numbers.

It’s also important your child is familiar with traffic laws
– such as crosswalk rules, walk/don’t walk signals, and stop signs – so he can
obey them and minimize the risk of being injured by traffic.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up
Similarly, if you take your child to school, be sure to drop
him off as close to school as possible. If the school offers a parent
pick-up/drop-off location, take advantage of that whenever you can.

Home Access
If your child often returns home on his own while you’re
still at work, you might want to look into a home automation system.
That way, you can remotely unlock the door if he loses his key, set up smartphone
alerts to let you know he’s home and watch video feeds from inside the house to
make sure all is well.

Emergency Procedures
As a parent, you should learn the emergency procedures of
your child’s school. In the event of an unfortunate situation, where will your
child be, and how can you expect to be notified? Go over these procedures with
your child so he is aware of how his school will keep him safe, and so he won’t
be frightened during an emergency.

Health Conditions
If your child suffers from allergies or other health
conditions, it’s important to communicate that to school staff and your child’s
teacher. The more people who know how to best care for your child, the safer he
can be. It’s also wise to have your child wear a medical ID bracelet to give
first responders important information in the event of an emergency.

Stay Safe on the
Proper playground etiquette is something you can teach your
child early on. There are some basic rule every kid should know: no pushing or
shoving, no hitting, everyone gets a turn and always make sure there is an
adult around. These simple yet effective rules will help ensure everyone stays
safe and minimizes injuries.

If you have any questions about other measures you can take
to make sure your child is safe at school, ask your school’s staff and teachers
– they’re the experts. If you have questions about staying safe at home, feel
free to ask Crime Prevention Security Systems.
Our priority is keeping your family safe – no matter where they are.

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