Monitored Home Security Means More than Preventing Burglaries

When considering home security, most people think about
physical threats like intruders and fires. While those are real dangers, monitored home security systems provide a layer of protection against other unpredictable, and
often unseen, threats too.

Recently, Crime Prevention Security Systems played a role in
preventing a family tragedy caused by one such threat: carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide is a highly toxic, odorless, colorless gas that
can be produced by malfunctioning appliances or vehicles left running in or
near a home. In large enough doses, carbon monoxide exposure impairs the central
nervous system and heart, potentially resulting in death. More than 150
Americans die from carbon monoxide leaks each year. Even smaller doses of
carbon monoxide can lead to depression, confusion, memory loss and more.

While carbon monoxide is deadly for humans, it’s even more so
for pets. Dogs and cats are more sensitive to carbon monoxide poisoning and their smaller
bodies make them vulnerable at lesser levels.

Last month, Crime Prevention’s 24/7 monitoring center
received a Carbon and Gas Detector alarm at a customer’s home, and we
dispatched the fire department to assist. The family was out of their home at
the time, but their pets were trapped inside.

Our operator confirmed a high volume of carbon monoxide
inside the home, so fire crews entered and evacuated the pets, moving them to the
safety of a neighbor’s home before neutralizing the CO leak, making the home
safe once again.

Gas leaks are a common factor in many home emergencies, from
fires to carbon monoxide poisoning. Our monitored home security systems include
optional carbon and gas detection, offering protection from some of the most
unpredictable threats to your family.

We’re privileged to protect families in our communities, especially
when we’re able to protect your family or property when you are unable to
respond to an alarm on your own.

Homeowners can often respond to many threats to their home
and family, but there are many invisible emergencies that require a watchful
eye to alert you to danger. Unfortunately, the world is an unpredictable place,
but Crime Prevention Security Systems is always on watch to protect you and
your loved ones from any sort of home security threat.

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