Know Your Home Security System Components

Today’s home security systems are more advanced, reliable and useful than ever before. New technology including motion sensors, surveillance cameras and home automation provide home owners greater flexibility and convenience.

Here are the components you should understand and consider when shopping for a new or upgraded custom home security system

1. Door and Window Sensors
The heart and soul of any system, door and window sensors are designed to immediately sound the alarm anytime an entry point is opened and the system is armed. Every entry point to your home should be protected.

2. Yard Signs
Easily the lowest-tech component of any home security system, a yard sign stating your home is equipped with an alarm system goes a long way towards deterring burglars. In fact, most burglars say they look for any indication a home is protected by a security system and often move on to an easier target.

3. Keypad
The control center for your home security system, a good keypad should be easy for the whole family to use. In larger houses, or homes in which multiple entry points are often used, you may want to consider having multiple keypads for convenience.

 4. Motion Sensors
If an intruder does make entry into your home, motion sensors are an excellent alarm trigger. Don’t worry pet owners, a professional installer can position them so your furry friends won’t accidentally set off the alarm. Outside the home, motion sensors can turn on exterior lights, robbing would-be criminals of the cover of darkness.

5. Video Cameras
Placing cameras outside your home provides an excellent deterrent to burglars. The last thing bad guys want is their faces caught on film. Inside, surveillance cameras make it easy to monitor service people or others who enter the home. You can even watch live camera feeds through your phone. And if anything happens, you’ve got video evidence.

6. Home Automation
A perfect tie-in to any custom home security system is home automation, also known as whole-home remote control. Turn lights on and off, adjust your thermostat, lock and unlock doors and more – all from the convenience of your smartphone or computer.

7. Fire Monitoring
When most people think about home security, they only consider intruders, but fires can be even more devastating. Your home security solution should include smoke and fire alarms to alert you and your family in the event of an emergency and 24/7 monitoring to rush firemen to the scene.

To find out how your home and family can be better protected from burglars, fires and more, call the experts at Crime Prevention Security Systems.

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