How Secure are Your Home’s Windows?


A home defense plan is only as strong as its weakest link. With so many different components in a home security system, it’s important they all work together seamlessly.

Commonly overlooked, windows are often the most vulnerable entry points to your home. They allow burglars to see everything inside and, without much effort, they can be compromised. When reviewing your home security, we encourage you to take a second look at your windows to make sure they’re as secure as possible.

The foundation of any custom home security system is window and door sensors, and their value cannot be overstated. When your system is armed, these sensors immediately sound the alarm anytime an entry point is opened. The resulting alarm siren is likely to drive away potential burglars. If you have a monitored security system, a signal is also sent to a manned monitoring station to dispatch police if there’s a need.

It’s a good idea to regularly check to make sure your window sensors are properly installed, working and connected to the rest of your system. Even upstairs windows should be accounted for.

Strong Locks
While an alarm should scare away a burglar if he manages to open the window, ideally, he won’t be able to get the window open in the first place. This highlights the importance of having strong locks on each window.

There are many different options for window locks and latches – ranging from wedge locks to sliding locks, and keyed latches to locking pins – so you should be able to find the right lock for your needs. A hefty and visible lock can warn burglars that a particular window will require too much work for their time, and they’ll probably leave in search of an easier target.

Reinforced Glass
Another way to deter, or at least delay, a break-in is to install reinforced window panes rather than traditional glass. These can come in the form of tempered glass or laminated glass, laminated being the pricier option. Tempered glass is glass that is heated almost to the point of melting, and then quickly cooled. It’s harder to break than regular glass, and is increasingly common in ground-level windows and windows near doors and other entry points.

If you want something significantly stronger, laminated glass is the way to go. It typically consists of two sheets of glass with a vinyl layer in between. A burglar would need to strike the glass several times in the same place in order to break through, creating a lot more noise and commotion than most burglars care for.

Foliage Control
The area surrounding your window is almost as important as the window itself, and without proper upkeep you may actually be helping burglars break in. Tall or thick shrubs and trees provide great cover for anyone looking to case your home or break in unnoticed. Especially at night, it’s easy for potential burglars to camouflage themselves among the leaves.

Trim back the leaves, and be sure there’s no place for burglars to hide. As you take away more and more hiding spots, your house becomes much less attractive to thieves.

Bonus tip: Motion-activated exterior lighting around windows, and other entry points, can go a long way toward scaring off burglars, and with a home automation system you can get alerts when motion is detected. Give robbers an unwanted spotlight, and they’ll think twice about breaking that window.

Don’t Show Them What They Want
Appearances are everything, so don’t let your house look like the most valuable break-in on the block. Avoid leaving valuable items – or hints at valuable items – within sight. As burglars case a home, the easiest way to figure out what treasures are in store is to look through your windows.

If you have expensive electronics, a brand new flat screen or even priceless family heirlooms, keep your blinds closed. And if you’re not one for blinds or curtains, simply make sure these items aren’t visible from the outside.

An open or unlocked window may be the only reason a burglar targets your house over another. Left unprotected, a window can be an easy and silent way into your home. Following these tips will put you well on your way to deterring criminals from breaking and entering. And for even more ways to keep you and your family safe, contact Crime Prevention Security Systems. We’re here when you need us.

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