Is Custom Home Security Only for the Rich?


Some people actually believe security systems are only for big, extravagant houses in wealthy neighborhoods, like those are the only homes burglars would take time to break into. Truth is, any household can be victimized by crime, and lower- and middle-income families are often at greatest risk.

Studies show the likelihood of a home being burglarized increases as the average household income of the surrounding area goes down. So it’s no surprise that residential burglaries are most common in low-income communities, followed closely by middle-income neighborhoods.

In Orlando, residents have a 1-in-15 chance of being a victim of property crime, twice the state average. During one six-month period, FBI statistics identified more than 1800 burglaries in Orlando. Naturally, the vast majority of those crimes impacted non-wealthy people.

While affluent communities are often protected by gates, geographic isolation and even guards, few other neighborhoods have these barriers. That leaves most families vulnerable, relying primarily on the promise of their door and window locks to keep criminals outside.

Custom home security systems add an important layer of protection. Sirens immediately alert residents when an intruder enters the home and simultaneously give the criminal good reason to flee the scene. Monitored alarm systems also notify a staffed monitoring station to dispatch law enforcement, so police can get to the scene quickly to protect you, your family and your property.

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