4 Ways to Secure Your Business Against Summer Crime


Burglaries account for $4 billion in lost property each year, and businesses are a prime target for criminals looking for a quick score. There are several steps businesses can take to avoid being targeted by thieves, but many business owners choose to tempt fate and simply rely on door locks to keep them secure.

Here are four ways you can rest easy as summer crime heats up.

Commercial Security Alarms

Many residential break-ins can be crimes of opportunity, but commercial crime is more likely to be a planned act. The 2014 Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s crime report shows show that nearly 60% of burglaries are forcible break-ins in which the criminal breaks a lock, window or door to gain entry. Security alarms are one of the most effective responses to forcible entry – if a criminal breaks in, they’re unlikely to stick around if they know the police will be dispatched.

A study of commercial crime in Philadelphia found that businesses without a security system were 4.6 times more likely to be burglarized than those with alarm systems. Though barely half of businesses choose to install a security system, a working security system will make most thieves choose another target.

Secure Cash and Valuables

Most thieves target businesses for cash and lightweight valuables – they break in quickly and move on after grabbing whatever they can. Limiting cash-on-hand is one of the most common anti-theft measures taken by business owners. It may not prevent a random break-in, but it will mitigate the impact of a burglary.

As you leave for the night, make sure that all cash registers are emptied into a safe and valuables are locked in drawers or behind additional doors. Most burglars are looking to get in and get out quickly, so adding barriers to cash and valuables will decrease the likelihood of a successful burglary.

Educate Employees

While employees can be a source of theft, they are also your first line of defense against burglary. Security should be the responsibility of all your employees, not simply a manager or the person who leaves last every night. Even if you don’t have a security system in place, employees should be trained on how to lock windows and doors, how to secure valuables at their desks and how to spot potential trouble at work.

If you do have a commercial security system, employees need instruction on how to operate the security panel, who to call in case of a false alarm and how to enter the building after hours. Since most people do not have security systems at their home or apartment, it’s your job to educate your employees on your security efforts.

Shine a Light

Just like at home, thieves tend to ignore well-lit businesses. All exterior points of entry should have permanent, tamper-proof lighting fixtures, and interior lights should stay lit to ensure someone outside your building could see an intruder inside. It may add a few dollars to your utility bill, but it’s well worth the cost.

Keeping your business secure is a 24/7 job, and you need a trusted partner to keep watch over your livelihood when you’re home for the night. Crime Prevention Security System has helped protect businesses from burglars, employee theft and fire for more than 40 years. Contact us today for a free security consultation in Orlando, Ocala or Gainesville.

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