Single Person Thermal Wrist Temperature Detection with Digital Face Recognition Terminal

Here at Crime Prevention, we know how important it is that our employees and customers feel safe when entering our facility.  We use, and now offer to commercial customers this innovative and affordable health kiosk that supports rapid body temperature detection.

This Single Person Wrist Temperature Detection Solution offers the ability to measure individual body temperatures quickly and efficiently providing rapid results in 0.2 seconds per individual. The unit features a no-touch infrared wrist temperature sensor.

The unit also features highly accurate facial recognition capabilities, allowing you to identify infected individuals or those that are trying to enter facilities without a mask. Safe, reliable, fast and accurate, this unit is ideal for airports, schools, retail stores, restaurants and nursing homes to protect individuals to prevent the introduction and/or spread of viruses.


Crime Prevention Security Systems Health Kiosk
Crime Prevention Security Systems Health Kiosk


Product Features

+ Provides temperature detection via the wrist without contact; thus, eliminating contact exposure from individual to individual

+ Includes a built-in infrared thermoelectric sensor and temperature measurement module for accurate temperature measurement

+ Highly efficient, detecting 20-30 people per minute

+ Quick setup and easy to use




Click Here for a document on how this Kiosk can be an asset in REOPENING SCHOOLS.
Click Here for a document on how this Kiosk can help Healthcare and Nursing Home facilities.
Click Here for a cutsheet with specifications and other details.


CALL TODAY if you are interested. Supply is limited, and we’ve received many inquiries in the initial launch of this product. 800-949-1799.

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