Do Home Security Systems Really Prevent Burglaries?

Burglars like easy targets, and a home with a professionally installed and monitored security system is anything but. Multiple independent studies prove home alarm systems are the best way to protect your home against burglars.

Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice found…

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Direct correlation between home alarms and residential burglary rates

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Break-ins consistently decreased in areas where alarm system installations increased

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The study credits the alarms with the decrease in burglaries and overall crime rate

University of North Carolina at Charlotte found…

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83% of convicted burglars tried to determine whether a house had alarm system, and most would then move on to an easier target

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Only 13% would continue with a burglary if the home has an alarm

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60% said security cameras are a major consideration

“Neighborhoods in which burglar alarms were densely installed have fewer incidents of residential burglaries than neighborhoods with fewer burglar alarms.”
— Rutgers study

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