How Most Home and Commercial Alarm Systems Work – The Basics

You just had a state of the art alarm system installed in your home or workplace. Now your doors,
windows and valuables are monitored from intrusion; however, you may not
understand how everything works together.

At Crime Prevention Security Systems, we want you to
understand how these systems function, so you will know what is happening in
the event your alarm system triggers. The basic monitoring devices are all
linked up to a central control panel which activates or deactivates the system.
This control panel relays any intrusions to our 24/7 monitoring facilities and we
dispatch the appropriate emergency personnel as fast as possible.

Let’s talk about the actual devices that are installed to
guard the perimeter of your home or business. If you look at your windows and
doors you’ll notice two small boxes the size of an art eraser placed next to
each other. When you open the door or window the two boxes move away from each
other and this triggers the alarm. This is because the two boxes either open or
close a circuit when they are together; moving the boxes breaks this and thus
triggers the alarm. Once the circuit is broken, the alarm can’t be turned off
unless you input the correct code on the keypad, from your keyfob, or from your
mobile device (if you have interactive services).

Next, we can install motion sensors in key traffic areas of
the home or business. They follow the same principle as the sensors in that the
breaking or disrupting of their normal sensor pattern will trigger the alarm

There are more sophisticated alarm systems available, but
most typically use these two techniques as the basis for monitoring the
perimeter and the inside of your home or business. These defenses should deter
any would be intruder when that alarm triggers

At the end of the day, however, common sense is
your number one deterrent to robbery in your home or business. Keep your
expensive valuables out of sight, lock windows and doors, and be sure to arm
your alarm system.  At Crime Prevention
Security Systems our number one concern is protecting your family and property.

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