Escaped Convicts Cause Alarm in Orlando, Florida

Orlando residents awoke last week to news that two convicted
murderers escaped Franklin Correctional Institution south of Tallahassee and made
their way to central Florida. Joseph Jenkins and Charles Walker were both
serving life sentences until they were mistakenly released due to fraudulent

Using forged documents, Jenkins and Walker convinced prison
officials their sentences were reduced. They subsequently made their way to
Orlando where the two men have family. In keeping with rules regarding newly released
felons, Jenkins and Walker separately entered Orange County Jail a few days
later to register and were then set free to live their lives in Orlando.

The horrible mistake only came to light after the family of
Jenkins’s victim learned of his release and called prosecutors. They put the
pieces together and also recognized Walker was incorrectly released.

With authorities on to their hoax, the escapees fled
together to the Florida panhandle, but were later captured without incident by
members of the U.S. Marshals Service in a Panama City motel room and returned
to prison.

The incident was naturally unsettling for many Orlando
residents. The idea of two escaped murderers seeking refuge in your hometown would
be to anyone. The sad truth is, however, that whether you’re in Orlando,
Gainesville or New York City, criminals walk our streets every day. That’s why
it’s so important to take proactive steps to protect your family and property.

A monitored home alarm system or video surveillance system
like those we sell, install and maintain here at Crime Prevention Security
Systems are the first lines of defense against criminals.

For developing news on this story, visit this
link to the Orlando Sentinel.

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