Intruder Shot During Orlando Home Invasion

Armed criminals broke into an Orlando, Florida home early
this morning while the residents were inside. The home invasion occurred at
3:35 a.m. off of Sherwood Terrace Drive when two men and a woman armed with a
handgun and shotgun burst through the door.

The criminal gang got more than they bargained for, however,
when one of the residents opened fire with a weapon of his own, striking one of
the three assailants in the stomach.

The motive for the home invasion remains unclear, but one of
the intruders apparently knew one of the people inside the home. Authorities
are investigating whether this was an attempted burglary, attempted murder or
different criminal intent.

With one of their gang shot, the criminals tried to escape
the area in a gold-colored car, but were soon stopped by Orange County Sheriffs
deputies. Recovered from the car were the guns used in the break in.

It may surprise some to know that these kinds of crimes are
not at all unusual in Orlando. In fact, Orlando has among the highest violent and property crime rates in the country. Home invasions are just one of several
categories of criminal activities on the rise in the area.

A home security system is a must in order to protect family and property in such a high-risk environment. With a monitored alarm system, the police are immediately
notified in the event of a break in. This level of response is particularly
important in the event of a home invasion when residents are at particular

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