What Should I Ask When Getting a Home Alarm System?

Shopping for
a home alarm system can feel a little foreign. After all, it’s not something
you do every day. If you’re looking for your first home security system, odds
are you’re really not sure where to start. Even if you had a home alarm in the
past, technology has changed substantially. Don’t fret. Here are some critical
questions to ask when comparison shopping for a residential alarm system.

1. How does the alarm system work?
Find out how
your specific home alarm system will be set up to work. The right home security
company will be more than happy to explain the difference between wireless and
hardwired systems. They should also tell you about how the individual sensors
within the home will operate. Door and window alarm triggers are much different
from motion sensors. For a general overview, read our post about how alarm systems work.
2. Is the system tamper-proof?
While no
alarm system is 100% tamper-proof, you want to make sure your critical
components are as well protected as possible. Power and communication wires and
sensors should not be easily assessable from outside the home. Exposed wires
allow even less-than-savvy burglars to disable your system. Alarm system
components should also be protected from the elements so they won’t be damaged
by rain, wind or extreme temperatures.

3. Do I need a monitored system?
Make sure the
alarm system you choose will be monitored 24 hours a day. This way triggering
an alarm sends a signal to a staffed monitoring center to dispatch police or
fire rescue to your home, as opposed to only creating an audible siren inside
the house. The siren alone will do little to save your property in the event of
a fire when you’re not home. Wireless monitoring systems are now more
convenient than ever, incorporating cellular technology so they no longer
require a landline home phone.

4. What options should I consider for
my alarm system?

The most
popular option today is home automation also known as home remote control. With home automation, you can control your alarm system
from anywhere in the world via internet or smartphone app. A home remote
control system also allows you to adjust your thermostat, turn on and off
lights and lock or unlock doors. Additionally, you may want to look into a home video surveillance system to see and record what’s happening
inside and outside your home 24 hours a day.

5. Can I read some customer testimonials?
A trusted
alarm system company should be more than happy to share feedback they received from current customers. At Crime Prevention Security Systems, we post
some of our customer testimonials online. If you’re talking to a
company that’s not as willing to share what their customers have to say about
them, there might be cause for concern.

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