The Importance of Neighbors in Home Security

There are many tools and resources available in building a line of defense around your home – not the least of which is installing a trusted home security system. But what if we told you there was something, or someone, else already at your disposal to help keep your family safe?

Your neighbors can be that resource.

We’ve all heard of Neighborhood Watch groups, and while those work great in helping keep a neighborhood safe, you’re not out of luck without one. Simply getting to know and becoming friends with the people who
live around you can do the job.

Neighbors are notorious for helping each other out – whether it’s just lending a cup of sugar or pulling a family out of a burning home, which is exactly what this Orlando area man did back in May.

Now not to worry, in being a good neighbor you won’t likely be expected to run into a burning building – it’s really the little things that can go a long way. While your neighbor is on vacation, offer to:

  • Water outdoor plants
  • Pick up the newspaper or mail, packages and flyers
  • Turn on outdoor lights at night
  • Park your car in their driveway to make the house appear occupied
  • Listen for a siren from their home security system

It’s likely these favors will be returned when you go out of town, or when you leave your home for an extended period of time.

But above all, just stay alert in the neighborhood, and encourage others to do the same. Watchful eyes will widen the perimeter of safety around what is most important to you. If you, or a neighbor, notice anything suspicious or out of the ordinary, it’s your responsibility to relay that information to the authorities immediately.

They will be able to send an officer out to check on the property and make sure everything is ok. The neighborhood as a whole will be much safer.

So go ahead, throw a block party and get to know the people who live on your street. It’s a great way to gain new friends and peace of mind. You never know when they’ll be able to have your back, or when you could
have theirs. And if you ever have questions or need help in a bind, Crime Prevention Security Systems is here to

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