Home Invasions Plague Orlando Residents

A series of recent home invasions in Orlando provides
further cause for residents to consider the need for increased home security.

Yesterday, a woman alone in her Parramore-area home heard a
knock at the door. She didn’t recognize the man’s voice on the other side, so
she didn’t reply. A few minutes later, two armed men kicked the door open and
barged in.

The criminals pointed their firearms at the homeowner, forcing
her to the floor as they demanded money. The victim, who is disabled, cashed
her tax return check earlier in the day, which the crooks gladly relieved her
of along with the contents of her purse.

Parramoreis a notoriously dangerous Orlando neighborhood. In fact, it’s among the
most dangerous places in America. With a violent crime rate of 7.9%, it’s an
area many avoid.

Of course, Parramore residents
aren’t the only people in Orlando at risk of crime. Just three weeks prior, a
woman was assaulted as she returned to her Kalmia Drive home. As she approached
her front door, a man crept up behind her with a gun and forced her inside the

Once inside, the gunman shoved
the woman to the floor and demanded money. Realizing she had none, the criminal
instead snatched her car keys and stole her car.

The following day, in a different
part of Orlando, two men kicked in an apartment door while the resident was
home and stole his cellphone.

Orlando residents have a 1 in 14
chance of being victimized by property crime and an overall 1 in 12 chance of
being victims when you factor in violent crime. There are over 17,500 property
crimes in Orlando each year. In a survey conducted by Crime Prevention Security
Systems in January, one-fourth of Orlando residents said they believe crime has increased in their neighborhoods in
the past year.

Security experts know home alarm systems go
a long way towards protecting people and providing peace of mind. In a study of
convicted burglars, 83% said they specifically take steps to avoid homes with
security systems.

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