Home Automation is the Next Big Thing for Family Safety


How many times have you gotten to work only to be left with
a nagging feeling that you left the front door unlocked or left the iron
plugged in as you raced to get ready. Perhaps you’ve gotten into bed and
forgotten to lock the door, close the garage and set the alarm for the night.

These are obviously common homeowner headaches, but they can
also be real security and safety concerns. Now, instead of having to drop what
you’re doing (or roll out of bed) and securing your home, imagine if you could
do it all from your smartphone or tablet without missing a beat. Sounds pretty
appealing, right?

A “smart home” has been the stuff of science fiction for
years, but our homes are increasingly coming under our control from anywhere at
any time. It’s called home automation, and it can change the way you and your
family interact with your home – both physically and financially.

Be Home at Work
One of the most common uses of home automation is using
security cameras and door locks to manage your home from a distance. Most
Americans are away from home nearly 10 hours each day, and we spend a lot of
that time worrying about the house. If you’ve ever had to leave work for a few
hours to sit and wait for a serviceperson to do work at your home, you know how
disrupting it can be. But what if you could unlock a specific door in your home
and then monitor the work without ever leaving your office?

Crime Prevention Security Systems home automation allows for just that. With a properly connected home, you can control individual door
locks, lights, air conditioning and more. Home automation connects your home
devices and enables them to work together for your convenience.
It gives unprecedented control over the life of your home.

Managing Kids
Giving a house key to your kids can be a daunting
experience, even though latchkey kids have been managing themselves for
generations. Instead of hoping your kids hold on to a key, you can set the
front door to automatically unlock at a specific time, or give your child
control over the front door lock system during specific hours of the day,
letting you manage exactly who is coming into your home and at what time.

But we all know that getting kids home from school is the
easy part of the day – so what about waking them up in the morning? Rather than
repeatedly yelling at them to wake up, why not set their bedroom lights to turn
on in the morning along with some reasonably loud music to encourage some pep
in their step?

Enhanced Security
Home automation is built around piece of mind. It lets you
control your thermostat when you’re out of the house, turn on lights if you’ll
be home late. But its biggest benefit comes from giving you total access to
your home security system. You can set the security system, review security
cameras, check on pets and manage any security concern – no matter where you

Smart Homes are Smart
Home automation comes with a lot of peace-of-mind benefits,
but at the end of the day the cost of using a system will often be the deciding
factor. Home automation comes with a host of financial benefits. By automating
your utility usage, most homeowners can save up to $200 a year, but the biggest
benefit is the typical
20% homeowners’ insurance discount that comes with home automation.

Automating your home does require initial investment in
upgraded door locks, but it can significantly improve your peace of mind and
makes securing your home much simpler. Contact Crime Prevention Security Systems today about home

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