Home Security: Don’t Overlook Your Garage

For some homeowners, the garage is simply the out-of-sight,
out-of-mind storage facility that we put things that we’ll eventually forget.
For others, it’s a safe place to park the car and store the lawnmower. But,
unfortunately, the garage isn’t always as safe as many people assume.

In reality, the room that many of us like to forget is
probably the most vulnerable room in the house. Front doors and windows are
more common entry points due to decreased visibility, but about 9% of burglars enter through a garage.

The garage door may seem like a strong barrier, many garage
doors can be broken into in less than 6 seconds, and a burglar then has full
access to your home – or just all the valuables you have in your garage. Watch
the video below to see how easy it is to bypass a garage door.

Note: In the video
above, you can fix this common entry point by using a zip-tie or cable to keep
the emergency release in place.

Securing Your Garage

So what can you do to keep your garage safe? First, you
should tie down the door latch shown in the video above, but don’t worry: there
is plenty you can do to improve the security of your garage.

  • Extend Your Home Security System – Your garage
    shouldn’t be the one area of your home that isn’t covered by your home security
    system. Many people have the door leading inside the home wired to their home
    security system, but remember that you have some expensive things in your
    garage as well. Simple security cameras can be enough to alert you to an intrusion.
  • Shed Some Light on the Area – Outdoor spotlights
    are still one of the most effective deterrents to criminals (other than a
    visible home security system). Take away places a criminal can hide when
    they’re breaking into your home, and you reduce your chances of being victim to
    a burglary.
  • Be Smart – Don’t leave your garage door opener
    in your car. In fact, don’t even have one in your car. Spend a bit extra and
    invest in the keychain remote opener that you can take with you inside your

Keep a Burglar in the
Garage, But Out of Your Home
While you can do plenty to make your garage door more secure
– replace it with one with no windows, lock the throw latch, and just simply
keep it closed at all times – your final line of security should be the door to
your house from the garage. Since most of us don’t keep valuables or keepsakes
in our garage, garage thefts are usually one large item that may be expensive,
but can be replaced. To a burglar, the most valuable item in your garage is the
door leading inside.

To make sure a burglar can’t get inside your home from the
garage, you should take a few important steps. First, make absolutely sure that
the door is covered by your activated security system. Many people forget about
this door, or disable the alarm, since it can be inconvenient to disarm the
system when you enter through the garage, but it can stop a burglary in its

Next, fortify the door itself: the door from your garage
should be just as strong as your front door. You want a strong, sturdy door
made of solid-core wood that has a deadbolt. Then, you want to make sure you
always keep it locked.

Get the Help You Need
Ultimately, the best way to maximize home security is to
have a monitored home security system installed by the professionals at Crime Prevention Security
System. The garage may be one of the most vulnerable rooms of your house, but
you can get peace of mind with the right help. Give us a call today!

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