Making Your Front Yard the First Line of Defense Against Burglars

Here in Florida, many people take great pride in their
yards, particularly the front yard. After all, that’s what neighbors and guests
see first. Providing more than just curb appeal, your front yard can also play
an important role in protecting your home from would-be burglars. Follow these
tips to keep your front yard burglar-free.

There’s a reason criminals
often come out at night. The cover of dark is a burglar’s best friend. A well-lit
home is much less inviting for bad guys hoping to make off with your valuables.
A good old fashioned porch light is helpful, but not the only thing you need.
Motion-detecting light fixtures automatically turn on when someone passes
through the area. Place these around windows. Be sure they’re too high for
someone to easily disable.

Well-groomed plants and shrubs not only create a clean look,
they also eliminate possible hiding places for thieves. Make sure plants don’t
cover portions of windows or doors. Keep shrubs in front of windows trimmed to
no higher than two-feet off the ground. Thieves are always working to minimize
their chances of being seen, and taking away these spots makes a house much
less enticing. You can also try planting prickly or thorny plants to keep
burglars at bay.

Alarm System
We all know one of the most effective
things you can do to protect your home from break-ins is to get a monitored home security system, and the greatest value may be the
deterrent factor. Burglars avoid homes with alarm systems. Make it obvious that you have one. Have
a placard in your yard stating that your home is protected by a security system
and make sure external home security cameras are visible.

Car Security
A parked car in the driveway makes a tempting target for
thieves. Be sure to always lock your car doors and follow what police call the
“glass bowl rule.” When leaving something in your car, consider whether you’d
be comfortable leaving that same item in a glass bowl in the middle of your
driveway. If not, you’re better off taking it inside. Even parking inside the
garage, however, doesn’t ensure safety. Check out this post on how criminals break into homes via the garage.

Get to know and trust your neighbors so you’re comfortable
notifying them when you go on vacation or need an extra eye on your home. If
you follow the tips above, it will be much easier for a neighbor to identify
someone suspicious around your home and call police to end a problem before it

When it comes to protecting your property and family, you’re
not alone. Crime Prevention Security Systems is here to guard your
front yard, backyard and home, giving you security and peace of mind.

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