Where (Not) to Hide Your Valuables


Through the years, people have tried lots of creative places to hide valuables. Unfortunately, burglars kept pace. As a result, hiding spots we think are cunning may actually be the first places burglars look.

Check out this list of “sneaky” home hiding spots. You might find your hidden treasures aren’t quite so hidden. (Don’t worry, we’re not telling burglars anything they don’t already know.)

Under the Mattress

Hiding cash under a mattress is the oldest trick in the book. And believe me, burglars read that book. Once inside your home, burglars don’t hesitate to flip over the mattress – or anything else – to ensure they don’t miss out on goodies underneath.

In the Freezer

People often wrap valuables in aluminum foil, or store them in freezer proof bags, and label them as food. While this may work on a burglar strapped for time, a patient thief knows to at least check the freezer for anything that seems out of place or unnatural.

In a Child’s Room

Why would a crook even bother going into a child’s room? Nothing in there but toys, right? Even without intentionally hiding valuables in your kid’s room, there are probably video game systems, tablets, music players and other costly electronics in there. Today’s “toys” are much more valuable than in the past.

Behind/Inside Books on a Shelf

Fake books (books that are hollowed out, or boxes made to look like books) are more popular than ever. To us, they can look convincing, but they stick out like sore thumbs to burglars. Even if they don’t immediately recognize the fake, burglars often throw all of the books from a shelf onto the ground in hopes something valuable falls out.

In Your Hamper

Another common hiding spot is the bottom of a clothes hamper. The thought being that no one, not even burglars would want to mess with your sweaty gym socks. That may be true for most folks, but someone who just risked everything breaking into a home won’t be slowed by a little dirty laundry.

How to Truly Protect Your Valuables

Once inside your home, there aren’t many hiding places that stump a burglar. They’ve seen it all, and nothing in your home is sacred to them. Your best bet is to own a safe – a heavy safe, one that requires multiple people to move. If you have a smaller safe, bolt it to the wall. Otherwise, the crook will just take it home and work to open it there.

Of course, the best thing you can do to protect your valuables is keeping burglars from entering your home in the first place. A custom home security system goes a long way toward achieving that goal. With home automation, and home video surveillance, you can always keep an eye on the valuable items around your home from anywhere in the world.

If you’re tired of hiding your treasures in places you might not even remember, and you’re ready to take the next step in protecting your home and family, give us a call. Crime Prevention Security Systems proudly serves Orlando, Gainesville and Ocala, and your safety is our first priority.

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