Home Security and the End of Landline Phones


For years, all home security systems relied on standard, analog residential phone lines to transmit alarm signals to monitoring centers. With those traditional phone lines going away, your home security system may need an upgrade.

In 2012, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) granted AT&T the right to phase out its network of landline telephone lines. AT&T’s goal is to retire all of its analog phone technology by 2018. Other landline phone providers are sure to follow suit.

So, what does this mean for you?

For some Crime Prevention Security Systems customers, it means now is the time to make the switch to an interactive (cellular) security option. Interactive security systems operate via cellular signals, eliminating the need for a home phone line.

In many ways, cellular-based systems are even more secure than traditional phone lines. After all, cellular systems don’t rely on physical phone lines that can be intentionally cut or inadvertently damaged outside the home.

Cellular-based security systems also offer many additional benefits to homeowners. The increased bandwidth available through cellular provides access to an array of features including home automation, remote viewing of security cameras and mobile alerts of alarm system activity.

Many Crime Prevention customers already enjoy the added features of cellular-based security. For years now, we’ve installed state-of-the-art systems powered by cellular technology. These customers appreciate the convenience and security that come with their interactive systems, and regularly tell us they don’t know how they ever lived without them.

How do you know if you need an upgrade?

If Crime Prevention Security Systems installed your current system prior to 2011, or if we only provide monitoring service for a system that was installed by a different company, it’s time to consider an upgrade. Our home security consultants are actively contacting customers who fit these criteria to talk them through their options.

Naturally, you’re also welcome to contact us today to discuss your home security needs to determine whether an upgrade is in order.

We’re excited to deliver the unique features that come with cellular-based security to all of our customers. For a preview of the options available, visit our home security systems page. Then give us a call at 1-800-949-1799.

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