Teen Crime in Orlando Spikes During Summer


School’s out for summer, and some Orlando teenagers seemingly have too much free time on their hands. Neighborhood crime rates tend to increase this time of year, due in large part to teenagers breaking into and/or vandalizing homes and vehicles.

A U.S. Department of Justice study found burglaries are 10.5 percent more common in summer than in winter. While those are national numbers, the trend certainly holds true here in Orlando.

Local law enforcement agencies are taking proactive steps to help prevent teen crime this summer. This month, the Orlando Police Department hosted a community forum to educate teenagers about crime and the consequences of their actions.

“We are trying to get these kids the resources they need to understand what’s going on in the world,” said Orlando Police Lieutenant Mark Canty.

The increase in crime isn’t isolated to the city of Orlando, it impacts the entire county. Two weeks ago, Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings spoke to the media about the importance of getting the community involved.

“School has been out for 12 days, and we’re appealing to the community to join law enforcement by getting involved in combating crime, particularly juvenile crime. We do not want to be in a position where we are reacting to a crime, we’re trying to get in front of it,” said Demings.

To avoid teen trouble, parents should ensure their kids have activities to keep them busy throughout the summer. Orlando Family Magazine recently published a comprehensive list of area camps for children and teens, and Orange County Library System’s Informed Teens program offers everything from talent shows to nail art workshops to free movie screenings.

There are many low-cost ways for teens to enjoy summer break. They can take up a sport like disc golf or tennis, spend time cooling off at the community pool, do projects around the house, get a job with a local business or volunteer for a non-profit.

Still, even with the best opportunities available to them, not every teen will choose to do the right thing. It’s in your interest as a homeowner to ensure your property is protected.

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