Do Security Systems Require a Home Phone Line?


Ten years ago, nearly every family in America had a home phone. Now, you’re more likely to spot Bigfoot than a corded kitchen phone. Cellular technology rendered home phones practically obsolete, causing home security providers to make substantial changes to keep up with the times.

Until recently, monitored home security systems required actual physical phone lines to carry signals from customers’ homes to the alarm monitoring center. That meant customers needed home telephone service, and the monthly bill that came with it. Landline-based security systems were also vulnerable to being disabled by clever crooks who would spot and cut the phone line coming into the house.

Cellular-based home security system monitoring – called “wireless monitoring” – solves both of those problems.

In a wireless system, the security system’s control panel communicates with your provider’s monitoring center via dedicated cellular signal, known as a cellular uplink. Just like your cellular phone, the signal is relayed through the air via cell towers, so it doesn’t require phone lines or Internet. That means there are no external wires to cut and no need to pay for monthly phone service. If a burglar attempts to block or jam the signal, the gap in communication triggers an alarm to our monitoring center.

At Crime Prevention, we feature the reliable GE Simon XT control panel for wireless alarm systems. The Simon XT is a favorite among home security customers thanks to its intuitive interface, flexible features and capacity to simultaneously connect up to 40 break-in, motion, fire, smoke and/or carbon monoxide detectors. And all those sensors communicate with the control panel wirelessly, simplifying installation.

The Simon XT home security panel offers a wealth of features including remote touchpads, smartphone integration, home automation and two-way voice communication. Users can also set up timers, program multiple passcodes and view an event history log to know when someone has used the system.

So, if you’re in the market for a home security system, consider cutting the cord and going wireless. Your Crime Prevention Security Systems consultant will gladly discuss all the pros and cons to custom design a system perfect for your family.

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