Apartment Security Tips

apartment security tips

Apartments come with unique security needs. The risk for burglaries and intrusions can increase because of residents’ close proximity and increased foot traffic throughout the apartment complex. You can take steps – both before and after you move in – to amp up your apartment’s security.

Before Signing the Lease

Research the apartment complex and surrounding area to assess potential security risks.

  • What are the crime statistics for the surrounding area?

  • Has the landlord or property owner disclosed any recent break-ins?

  • How close is the nearest police station and fire department?

  • Does the apartment have a gated entrance limiting access to non-residents or is the complex accessible from the street?

  • How well-lit is the apartment complex? Are there areas where an intruder could sneak in unnoticed?

  • Do the apartment doors and windows come with the right kinds of locks?


Make sure you conduct a walkthrough of the apartment you plan to lease. The location of the apartment – such as the ground floor – may change security concerns.


After Moving In

Take steps to bolster your apartment’s security.

  • Doors are common burglar entry points. Reinforce strike plates with longer screws to make the door more difficult to kick down. If your doors don’t have interior deadbolt locks, have the landlord install one immediately.

  • Sliding doors are particularly vulnerable to burglars. Reinforce any sliding glass doors with blocking bars, security pins and shatterproof film.

  • Keep your valuables out of plain sight. Crooks know all the usual hiding spots, so consider getting a safe to protect your valuables.

  • Keeping lights on or off all day can be a giveaway someone isn’t home. Home automation allows you to set up timers for your lights to give the impression someone is home – even when you’re away.

  • Home security systems have been proven to deter burglaries. And with wireless installation options for 24/7 professionally monitored home security systems, you can keep your apartment safe without worrying about losing your security deposit.

Ensure your apartment is a safe home for you and your family. Contact Crime Prevention Security Systems today for a free security consultation.


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