A DIY Security System Warning

DIY security system

We meet people every week who ask us why they should trust us with their life safety. We understand how first-time security shoppers may not know the benefits of the high quality CPSS Security System.

They may not be aware of our team of professionals in the monitoring station or our highly trained service technicians available 24/7.  We provide a full solution, not just a partial system that you may find in a DIY security system.


A Scary Trend

A recent trend in consumer technology are the new do-it-yourself “DIY” security gadgets available over the counter to be self-installed. This trend provides an opportunity for basic criminals to take advantage of the vulnerabilities of these lower quality systems.


A Safer Solution

CPSS would rather help you with an easy and effective DIY security system installation if you prefer not to have a technician come to your home.  With a DIY security system from CPSS, it is actually a “Do It Together” package with the live assistance of a technician walking you through the process every step of the way.


A Video to Demonstrate the Risk

We saw a video earlier today that demonstrates how a DIY security system can be fooled by a $2 wireless emitter that mimics the frequency of the sensors. We found this to be extremely troubling, and wanted to bring it to your attention.


Why CPSS is Safer

Our CPSS products have a much higher threshold for security and enjoy the same high quality and secure products that our technicians professionally install every day.  You can have confidence in your CPSS system – whether we installed it, or helped you through the installation remotely.


If you have friends or neighbors considering a DIY security system, share this video with them – and be sure to remind them that with your referral of CPSS, both of you will get a free month of monitoring*.


DIY alarm system

DIY security

*Call for details of our referral program.

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