Better Security than Do It Yourself

Do It Yourself (DIY) security systems put all of the installation responsibilities on you, and while many people are comfortable with this, we believe that the life safety of your home and family is important enough to have the experience of a professional team like ours to assist you in this important installation.

With social distancing in mind, CPSS has a new option where we can design and install your security system together – without the need for a consultant or technician to visit your home.

We remotely help you select the package that secures your home, we send you the easy-install equipment, and a technician remotely assists you with the installation.

We will even send a technician to your home (if you’d like) to check your installation to make sure everything is perfect. If you’d rather not – we totally understand.

You can trust that your CPSS system is secure, unlike some other DIY systems that can have serious security flaws.

Here’s a short video to review how this package could help you to easily secure your home, while having the support of our certified technical team.

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