What’s the Deal with Home Automation?


Home automation allows you to remotely access multiple household systems via Bluetooth- or wireless Internet-enabled devices installed in the home. Then, you can control these devices from anywhere via smartphone or computer.

Automation-compatible devices may be sold individually or as a complete home automation package. While DIY solutions are possible, the best systems are customized to suit a family’s specific lifestyle and then professionally installed to ensure they work smoothly.

Lights and thermostats are among the most popular home automation tie-ins. The convenience and energy efficiency of remotely adjusting lights and temperature settings are what initially attract most consumers to home automation.

Just as important are the security benefits of home automation. Combining home automation with your home security system allows you to remotely monitor security cameras, lock and unlock doors or arm and disarm your alarm.

Many families find home automation makes daily life far more convenient. No more waiting around the house to allow a repairman inside, or rushing home from work because your child lost her keys. Those problems can be solved with a click of the mouse or a tap of the screen.

You can even create pre-set schedules, so your home is always the perfect temp and the lights are on when you get home after a long day.

Though it may seem like new technology, Crime Prevention Security Systems technicians have installed custom home automation services for years. You can choose from an array of home automation services, including our discounted Security and Home Automation Package. It’s a great way to start enjoying the convenience, energy savings and safety of home automation.

Our team at CPSS looks forward to protecting your home, family and business.  Call today for details!  888-961-4481.

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