Central Florida Police Share Tips to Survive a Home Invasion


While burglaries can result in property loss, home invasions (break-ins that take place while someone is home) may result in severe injuries or even loss of life. Crooks brazen enough to force their way into an occupied residence are often also desperate enough to use violence. Apopka, Florida police recently shared their recommendations to safeguard your family with WKMG News 6.

According to Apopka Police Officer Ashley Eller, advanced preparation is key. “The best thing is to have a plan, stick to the plan you make and be prepared for things to change at a moment’s notice.”

A great first step is teaching your family what to do when there is a knock at the door. Too often, residents who open the door without properly checking find themselves pushed backwards into their home by criminals.

Police also recommend identifying a room in the house where you and your family can safely lock yourselves in to call 9-1-1 in the event someone breaks in. Keep a working phone in that room at all times. You can’t be certain you’ll have your cell phone on you when someone barges into your home.

Once you call 9-1-1, Officer Eller says it’s vital to listen closely to the dispatcher, follow his or her instructions and provide as much information as possible.

Officer Eller explains, “We need to know where you are, not only your physical address, but where you are in the residence.” She went on to say, “If you can’t talk, they’ll tell you, ‘Do me a favor, press one number for yes and two numbers for no, whisper to me, tell me the things that you can see.’”

Officer Eller also recommends providing as much detail as possible to 9-1-1 about the location of the intruder inside the home. And she says that if you can safely escape to outside, do so.

Of course, preventing a home invasion is even better than reacting to one. Studies show that having a monitored home security system is the best way to deter criminals. Even if the external indicators (“protected by” yard signs, exterior security cameras, etc.) aren’t enough to keep a home invader at bay, a triggered alarm siren should send him running. Plus, police will quickly be dispatched to your home to ensure you and your family are safe.

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